Hello friends!

Just offering a brief and humble slice of my world in this moment after a fulfilling but busy holiday weekend of hosting loved ones. It's been an amazing Fall for me, getting to be of service in fulfilling my core intention of promoting healing justice - offering ideas and skills that can resource folks during these challenging times. I've worked in a variety of settings and locations - universities, public agencies and grassroots organizations. I've been doing lectures, experiential workshops, and offering all sorts of skill-building and meditation opportunities. My favorite moment was when I gave up my time on a closed workshop panel I was invited to at NYU Law School's Center for Global Justice and Human Rights to offer a guided meditation on a Friday afternoon when everyone just seemed to be burnt out and distracted. Using my intuition (and a little encouragement from some folks sitting near me) and the skills I possess, I was able to offer something that was much needed in the moment.

I'm off to Pittsburgh, PA this week to give a keynote to higher ed folks working on diversity and inclusion issues and will also be offering some support to organizers who have been responding to the shootings at the Tree of Life synagogue. I'm forever grateful for all of the resources, love and abundance in my life that affords me the opportunity to serve. Sometimes it never feels like it's enough, but a big part of my personal practice is actually setting limits on my own tendency to hurt myself with overwork.

I wanted to make you aware of an upcoming Healing Justice workshop in Troy, New York on Saturday, December 8 from 2pm-4pm. This is a great opportunity to learn about healing justice for folks in the Capital Region of New York. More information can be found here where you can also pre-register.



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